escapaldi said: …but what if some of them are .PNGs? This plan sounds like it wasn’t thought all the way through.

cavoliamari said: Yeah, Nehs is right… what about the gifs?

craftysquidz said: I like it. But you would definitely have to include pngs and gifs.

It would still be JPEG for a few reasons, mainly due to naming. JPEG has a snappy pronunciatoin, while the rest:

  • PNG is still “pee-enn-gee”
  • GIF doesn’t even have an agreed upon pronunciation
  • BMPs are terrible and should die
  • TIFFs aren’t really used on the internet due to their file size although they do have a fun name
  • PSDs don’t work outside of Photoshop
  • So, JPEGs

But yes the blog would also include other file formats, gawsh. Criteria 1: Is Peter looking at the camera? Answer: Yes. Good. It goes on the blog,.

emsys said: lol you’re so cute


Tempted to start a blog called “pcapseducingyouthroughjpegs”.

And then combing through all the photos I’ve seen over the past few months for the ones where it looks like he’s awkwardly trying to seduce you through web-compressed JPEGs.

This sounds like a winning idea.

HONESTLY and I mean no offense, I’m excited because now we can all play. If you love a BROTP like me, then you get to enjoy it that way, and if you are romantical in your shipping then there will still be tons of fodder for that. Everyone is happy!
I like to go between fluffy shit and then making really dumb jokes. It’s how I roll. I marvel at how I haven’t been kicked out of the fandom yet.
But yes, agreed. I’m totally game with everyone playing as long as people aren’t rude to each other. EVERYONE BE HAPPY DAMMIT.

reactions, in summary

  • Kat: I accidentally found out that I'm getting the boxset for British political sweary show for my birthday. I get to have DVDs of Peter Capaldi all the tiiiiiime. /o/
  • Teru: Yaaaay. :DD
  • The robot: *GROANS*
Oh no, it doesn’t matter to me what anyone ships or how you interpret things. I’ve just seen posts (not you) worried that 12/Clara won’t be close anymore, while I’m like, “They’re going to be so close, I can’t wait for the feels!” and it feels odd.
So did you stay up or are you like me and sleep four hours a night. Adult life! HOW. HOW CAN ANYONE SAY THAT.
Erruugh okay I guess if you’re not an obsessive and don’t look at set photos and the like then maybe but - nah. No way. Snark and sarcasm and exasperation and cosplaying across time and space - they’re going to be great. I think about this post a lot, basically.

eringoblah said: Is it weird that I’m way excited about the “no flirting” because I expect the Doctor and Clara to become CLOSER? That’s kinda what is so exciting to me about this duo, to see them grow without the romantic tension interfering. My eyebros.

The eyebrow game is hella strong for series 8.

I think you’ve followed me long enough to vaguely understand [/sarcasm] that I do ship the hell out of them two, but I am not going to be upset at whatever happens. So long as you don’t hate me for shipping then I don’t mind (because that is dumb). "Do you ship it?" "No." "Are you okay with me shipping it?" "Yeah." Awesome. This isn’t something worth getting angry about. XP

I do expect them to become closer because it’s going to be continuing their relationship, but even if we still had 11 for another season I imagined they would still become closer. I didn’t have a problem with the flirting and such because I always felt that Clara and the Doctor had independent characterization from one another…and also it didn’t really happen so often as to be distracting? I’m sure there are people out there ready to scream and say it was awful, but I’m not one of them.

This will, at least for the next month, look like awkward first date to me:


Ten bucks says it’s like some really serious, sad, depressing moment and it’s really drama-tastic and I’ll look back and say “awkward first date? Kat you are terrible" and gaaaaah trailer cuts.