Going to my first baby shower. For my future nephew. @__@

Kat the Aunt is a concept I haven’t fully grasped yet; the idea that there is going to be a small child that is the son of my oldest brother, who teased me for liking anime and offered to beat up my first boyfriend and who has the same laugh and stupid sense of humor and useless ability to memorize quotes and things verbatim as I do.

There’s going to be a tiny version of that and all I can hope for is that my sister-in-law’s more capable grasp on life bleeds into this child too.




Episode 5 aired last night.

You know what that means?




As my way of saying thanks for tolerating this blog enough to follow it, I’m…doing a giveaway thing! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.

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(**The print can be of any art of your choosing, and I will ship internationally)

Thank you and good luck!

Woops, forgot that there’s now only seven hours left. So hey, don’t be shy!

100percentrebeltimelord asked:
Hello! Just letting you know, I really love your tsundere!12 gifsets; they are absolutely fantastic and make me smile every time! I was also wondering whether you'd maybe consider doing some from Clara's POV? =D


There have been a few of those sets that had some Clara comments, but truth be told, there’s just…not a lot of tsun material from her? While I do read the two as being tsundere to each other, I think the Doctor is a whole lot more obvious at it. He’s very caustic and abrasive but at the same time, definitely has some very deep, genuine affection for her. Clara meanwhile has a better grasp on her emotions and tends to be more in control and deliberate about what she says. (Whenever I’ve done the gifs for her, her “thoughts” are always in regular text whereas most of the Doctor’s are in capslock; it’s a very minute thing but reflects my interpretation of them.)

Also it’s frankly a whole lot more funny for the 2000-year-old alien in the guise of a 50-something Scottish owl to be the one being all ò//A\ó. But if the opportunity comes up to throw Clara more gifs, then yeah, we’ll take ‘em.


the most common tag on the tsun!12 posts I’m collaborating with randomthunk on is: “I WAS WAITING FOR THIS,” or some variation thereupon.


The second is: “I don’t ship it, but…”


If I had a nickel for every “I don’t ship it, but…” comment I’ve received over the course of the past few months…

…well I’d have a lot of nickels.