I’m working on the “Danny is so moe” gifset and after some hiccups I’m finally at the “isolating clips” stage.

I’m going to die from cute.



In a very last-minute decision, the robot and I are going to C2E2 tomorrow (just tomorrow) to…I dunno. Stalk heavily through artist’s alley and spend an obscene amount of money on Doctor Who merch while still sporting “pro” badges. Sounds about right.


We got the blessing of our art director, though, in his own way. “Just don’t bring back any of those nerd cooties.” “…Have you seen my desk?”

If by some bizarre happenstance you’re going to be there, feel free to hit me up.


Since I have a problem, I figure I may as well post doodles. I have a lot more, but these are some of the better ones. Mike’s really hard to draw! I don’t feel like I’ve captured the bigness of his face.

-Joel in the morning, before the ‘bots get up and start causing trouble. Don’t ask me what he’s planning to build with a box, string/yarn, marbles, some nails, and a screwdriver.

-Mike in the morning because I felt like I needed to draw one of him, too. He’s often shown reading when the ‘bots are otherwise occupied. Also, that’s a really tiny book.

-The ‘bots like to be annoying. And please excuse them being really badly drawn. I was in class and I didn’t have any reference pictures.


- How come you sound like you’re from Scotland?

- Lots of planets have a Scotland.

they’re having chips only I forgot to draw them and they look like they’re on a date :)

rubycosmos asked:
Danny pic slayed me. Yes good.

Oh good. I enjoy starting off my mornings with a fresh kill.


escapaldi asked:
omg Kat why did we watch Local Hero for Danny now I want one

Scientifically speaking, it was because that’s the first movie people tend to remember him for, so it made sense to watch.

Completely unscientifically, it’s because did you see him in that movie also seriously who can get enough of this: