You might want to cuddle him but he really will resist. I’m making him sound far too dark. He’s still very, very much the Doctor. And he has a tremendous ability with throwaway humour. A lot of the humour is around the fact that sometimes he’s terribly rude. I think kids will think he’s the rude Doctor. And I said to Peter at the beginning - the last two Doctors fill the room. You make the room come to you. That’s what you do. You just stand there and wait.
Steven Moffat talking to SFX about the cuddlyness of the current Doctor. (via kitt66)


Also known as “this shit again?” because I keep drawing Clara with the most unimpressed faces.

So I ended up doing some test printing. I’m uh…really pleased with how these turned out. Can’t print bigger than 8.5” wide but prints are now a viable option.

Questions, comments, stuff like that would be appreciated. Need to figure out stuff like ‘shipping’…

Ugh. Want to spend 1100 dollars on an Epson Stylus Pro printer. Because then I could print things and they’d be pretty because I’d be quality control.


The struggle is real and very dumb.

Edit: So as it turns out the Canon MX870 we have is quite good at printing; it is merely limited to a maximum size of 8.5x11”…