I put this off until today because I really really needed to get my Illustration final done. Anyhow…

  1. A TARDIS phonebox-like thing
  2. A Fez (The Big Bang)
  3. A Stetson (The Impossible Astronaut)
  4. A cool Bow Tie (The Eleventh Hour)
  5. A weeping angel statue (The Time of Angels)
  6. Neil Armstrong’s A Foot (Day of The Moon)
  7. Jelly Babies Candy (The Almost People)
  8. A Roman Solider Guard (The Pandorica Opens)
  9. A peg doll (Night Terrors)
  10. A TARDIS junkyard (The Doctor’s Wife)
  11. Creepy furniture that looks like it’s from the 1980’s (The God Complex)

Most awesome thing was finding that nook in the art building with the phone. It has the phone anyway, but someone decorated it and I couldn’t resist the TARDIS parallels. Alternatively, my hat?