- How come you sound like you’re from Scotland?

- Lots of planets have a Scotland.

they’re having chips only I forgot to draw them and they look like they’re on a date :)

Is this thing still a thing? I have no idea. All I know is that 12 has even more reason to be grumpy.

Kiiiiinda want to do more of these…we’ll see…


I can’t find the post anymore but someone essentially said ‘Gosh wouldn’t it be cute if the Doctor just rested his head on top of Claras b/c he’s super tall and she’s so small’ and I was just.

Yes. Yes it would indeed. So I drew it. The end.


Sorry the blog’s been a bit quiet lately, but for now I’ve been having a very relaxed Sunday, and so I’ve kicked back and drawn some classic Who.

Sarah Jane’s getting real tired of your nonsense Doctor.