Went out to lunch with my mom, and this particular place has colored pencils on the tables. So.

I was absentminded and left my tablet pen at work, so all you get are crummy doodles for a thing that kinda confuses me. …Kinda.

Ya’ll are weird. But pretty rad. So thank you, and I’ll do my best to continue with awkward drawings and actually attempt to get things done that I say I’ll do.

Fridays are not my strong drawing days even if I did start this one earlier in the week. This can go in the slush pile of “well that was certainly a thought, on to the next one”.

"I was thinking about the carrying her on his back thing and like, what if she falls asleep on him IDK"

Doodley-doo from an ‘oh no it’s cute’ idea the-last-teabender had and I dunno I have work in the morning.

By Friday, my brain is done. It is so glad to have reached the end of the week that it just goes “no" to my want of doing anything other than drooling on my desk.

One spiraling Twitter conversation later and I was huddling in a corner at work during lunch and sketching and I hate everything.

Edit: aaaaand finished

Lunchtime doodling; Clara’s Delivery Service. Stemmed from this conversation because why wouldn’t 12 be a grumpy cat.