I can only assume the anon from last night just doesn’t like this pairing, so of course as I’m reading their messages I’m thinking “man…I want to draw 12 and Clara making out…” Almost got there with this doodle.

Okay so. *claps hands* Fantasy AU. It’s middle school all over again.

Talking to Nehs who is writing a fic set in a fantasy kind of place had me think “wait what if there was an actual AU?” Wizards and magic and just general fantasy stuff, talk about my true love from years gone by. Can I make 12 into an owl? Wait, there’s a myth ABOUT an owlman?? We’re going with this.

So I’m trying to concept this out (crappy drawing #1, woop) which is what I intend to do this week. Ish. Drawings and random writing snippets; I dunno what I’m doing with it yet. Under the cut is more ramblings.

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Anonymous asked:
Ok but imagine clara with a pixie cut

As the proud owner of short hair (okay it’s a reverse mullet right now but whatever), I endorse this.



Anonymous asked:
senpai why don't you notice me

I have an educated guess who this is and…


Man I don’t get time to notice my own parents let alone people I live 40 miles away from since graduating college.

rubycosmos asked:
I need your purely professional and completely unbiased opinion on dat black shirt. Failing that, I just need your general opinion on dat black shirt.




My t-shirt is appropriate today (but Threadless doesn’t sell it anymore).




i hope 12 loves Clara as much as 11 did.

i mean look at this!


tell me he didn’t love her..

i mean he’s gonna love her but


he might have trouble expressing it in such an exuberant fashion

You know he’d still try, though.

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Apparently my pen doodles get more elaborate when not on lined paper. »; Based on the “undercover London artists” idea that can be found somewhere in one of the Danny headcanons posts. (Clara wound up too short whoops.)

Lately I’ve been leaning more on the “artist” part of my job title but today was heavy on the “graphic” which meant I got to exercise my abilities in killing Photoshop and using that time to doodle.

The laundry day headcanons are courtesy of me and that’s just kinda where my brain ran with the doodles today [and hopefully into a full drawing].