Based on a prompt by theeccentricspeaker. Title is an artifact from the first draft, so I apologize for the lack of tea consumption in this.

Title: Accidental Tea
Words: 4,543
Summary: One of the last things Clara wanted to be doing on her day off was running around town in search of a puzzle piece that could lead to the swallowing of the planet. The absolute last thing she had wanted to do was to run into her family and accidentally re-introduce them to the Doctor.

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So I made a drawing. I didn’t intend to make people cry, I just meant to contribute to the fandom with my theory that the Doctor changes, but he doesn’t really change, if you somehow get what I’m saying.

Okay, Sunday morning musings with coffee, let’s go. (This turned kinda long so I hope you’re okay with that.)

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Blattella Germanica

Prompted by one of Kirby’s ideas and written mostly when I was falling asleep at my keyboard last night.


One man’s pest was another man’s friend.

Usually that term would apply to such vermin as, say, mice, or squirrels, or perhaps an infestation of wasps that made their home under the gutter and above the bathroom window (or was that just his apartment?). In short, they were the nuisance creatures, the ones that provided some service to the world but just had to be horrible things while doing so.

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Just An Excursion

A quick thing spurred on by the tags on this post because if I get ideas I just have to run with them.

Prompt: See that link-ish looking text. Alternatively: “It’s not a date. It’s just…an excursion.”

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Mixed Meters

I swear I do other things, it’s just that I got an idea from another one of these prompts and smashed it out. Also this one turned rather long (2,701 words) and I’m not sure how to explain that.

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As Eloquently As Possible

Inspired by this. Saw it, had a quick idea, ran with it to get it done before relevant Toonami shows came on.

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Some thoughts on The Croods.

First and foremost, that B- from AV Club is bullshit. If you place stock in professional reviews, it might help to check out of them and instead turn to peers. Most people who like the film haven’t been critics, but just, you know, average people. I’m not sure where the disconnect is, but there appears to be one.

We (by this I mean me and my roommates) saw the trailer for this movie back in, oh, November or so, and decided we wanted to see it because it looked pretty (but boy did I think the name was dumb). Prettyness does not a good movie make, and I was initially wary of it because the reviews seemed to be “meh” about it. But Ace liked it, and people from Brad’s crew liked it…so how “meh” could it really be?

(Slight spoilers but nothing major.)

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Why Can’t You Leave Me Alone Already

Sleep-deprived writing due to today’s self-esteem crush and my own inferiority complex.

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I Should Be Sleeping: Owl City

I’m good at late-night ramblings. If this becomes a series, expect the same title.

Apparently one of my stranger attributes is my crippling addiction to Owl City, a band that is only one guy and who is predominantly known for two songs: “Fireflies”, if you remember 2009, and the summer 2012 song, “Good Time”, which was done with Carly Rae Jepsen. If you don’t know his music beyond those two, then I don’t…blame you. He’s not exactly a popular act - known to an extent, but pretty much written off as a one-hit wonder who somehow keeps getting work.

Yeah, that’s the thing - Owl City is still around, and was still around in-between “Fireflies” and “Good Time”. His most recent gig was dueting with Malaysian pop singer Yuna on a song for The Croods called “Shine Your  Way”. While we’re on the subject of animated films, he also performed the credits song for Wreck-It Ralph, “When Can I See You Again”.

I’m already off track. The point is, why do I like his music?

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That Annoying Friend

A short and random piece that hit me while coloring my school project; not very well thought-out or plotted in the fact that it just sorta ends. Morose by my standards, pretty standard fare to like, poets and stuff.

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